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English GPTs

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Superhero Alter-Ego Finder

Discover your inner hero with the Superhero Alter-Ego Finder! Answer fun scenarios and uncover which superhero you're most like. Are you ready to reveal your secret identity?

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Gold Star Reviewer

Imagine a world with no dreadful Reviewer2 but only Gold Star Reviewers! This GPT is here to ensure your review is constructive, respectful, and professional. Be the Gold Star Reviewer that you wish you would encounter as an author!

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Say goodbye to stressful communications with Reviewer2 and let Reviewer2Pal craft responses that are as composed as they are compelling. Transform your knee-jerk reactions to Reviewer2 into polished, poised, and professional responses. Turn critique into your secret weapon for academic success!

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Corporate Pro Translator

Ever struggled with finding the right words to communicate professionally at workplace? The Corporate Pro Translator is your solution, artfully elevating raw thoughts into the realm of polished business language. Speak like a corporate pro, effortlessly crafting communications that resonate with elegance and clarity.

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